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Signs That You Should Repair or Replace Your Furnace

The lifespan of an average furnace is fifteen to twenty years. Of course, if your gas heating bills are through the roof because of a few bad Victoria winters in a row it means that your furnace has been working overtime. Heavy use can, in fact, decrease your furnace’s lifespan. Depending on how cold the winters are and how hot you like your home, when a furnace will need to be replaced can be a bit hard to tell.

If you’re wondering if you should get a new furnace or get yours repaired by your friendly, local furnace repair company in Victoria, here are a few tips to help you decide:

This first tip is pretty self-evident, but once your furnace turns fifteen or so, you might think about getting a replacement. You’d be surprised by how many people simply forget how old their furnace is.

Another reason to get your furnace replaced is the speed with which energy technology is advancing. If you find a model of furnace that will save you a lot of money in operation costs each year, it won’t take long for those savings to offset the cost of installation.

Frequency of Repair
Things do happen to a furnace that are beyond our control and you will probably need to repair your furnace occasionally. If, however, you’re making calls to your furnace repair shop in Victoria every few months with new problems, it might be time to think about simply replacing the unit.

Unusual Noises
When it is working properly, your furnace should make only a minimal amount of noise. If you’re hearing any clanging, scraping, whistling, or any other unusual noise, you shouldn’t ignore it. Each of those noises indicates a problem in a different part of the furnace or duct work. If your fans are misaligned they may create a kind of scraping noise, whereas any whistling may be from a crack or rip in your ducts. In fact, there are so many different things it could be, it’s usually a good idea to call an expert if you hear any of these noises.

Rising Bills
Another, less direct way to know if there are any problems in your furnace or its system is if your energy bills start rising without any other changes. Of course, we use our furnace more or less depending on the temperature but if you notice that your bills are going up without a big change in temperature or your own use of the system, it might mean that your system has to work harder to produce the same temperatures. This probably means there’s a problem.

If your need a furnace repaired or to simply replace it, or if your gas heating bills are mysteriously going up, contact us at Victoria Coal & Heating Ltd. We’ve been proudly serving the Victoria area for over 90 years and have seen it all when it comes to furnace repair.

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